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Feature update

February 1, 2024 Release Notes

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Shared by Kris β€’ February 14, 2024

Feature Updates

Added more Property Text fields to use as dynamic variables in your guidebooks

Additional upsell templates: BBQ Grill and Heated Pool

  • Hosts now have the ability to void a cancellation charge or mark it as paid.
  • Team members now have the ability to mark notifications as read.
  • Clients using Moneris Payment Gateway can now process partial refunds through ChargeAutomation.
  • Stripe: Includes phone numbers and emails when clients add their payment methods to ChargeAutomation. This will increase success rates for 3DS transactions.
  • When Auto Payment is manually applied to a booking, the user who applied it and time will be displayed in the Activity logs.
  • Bookings created through API can now be moved from cancelled to confirmed.
  • Added 6000 messages / month SMS plan.
  • Bug fixes addressing minor issues around integrations and user experience.


  • Paypal Business
  • Track PMS

Feature update

Release Notes: December 27, 2023

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Shared by Kris β€’ January 12, 2024

Feature Updates

  1. Added new template variables to our template messages: Booking_Confirmation_Code, Number_Of_Nights, Security_Deposit_Amount, Standard_Checkin_Time, Standard_Checkout_Time.
  2. Added an alert to notify clients to turn off auto payment settings on their Property Management System while setting it up in ChargeAutomation.
  3. Whenever a booking is a virtual card booking, and the reservation charges are split in 2 (i.e. Smart Flex), we will attempt both transactions with the virtual card.
  4. Phone number validation was added when creating manual bookings in ChargeAutomation.
  5. Added damage waiver upsell template.
  6. If guest’s address is not on Google maps, they can manually enter it during pre checkin.
  7. Now we are triggering emails when auto payment is manually applied to a booking.
  8. When a new team member is added, we will add their emails to the notifications so they do not miss important updates.
  9. Clients can now pay their invoices using Link payment method on Stripe.
  10. For upsells, clients can set the Price per night to 0 when they select based on number of nights.
  11. Pulling Booking access codes from Smoobu.
  12. Bug fixes and significant performance improvement to application responsiveness.


  • Pulling Smoobu door codes from PMS

Feature update

Release Notes: October 27, 2023

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Shared by Kris β€’ January 12, 2024

Feature Updates

  1. Client can now add links to Property Text 1 and Property Text 2 and it will work with the guidebook as a hyperlink
  2. Bookings cancelled on the PMS will be cancelled in CA regardless of property/rental being active or not.
  3. CA will no longer process reauthorizations once checkout is passed.
  4. Added warning on guidebook for guests to approve transactions.
  5. Stop fetching cards when PG is inactive.
  6. Show pop up when Client lands on Pre checkin informing them they are on Admin View Mode.
  7. Only updating Reservation charges in invoice for VRBO and ALL Homeaway (UK, NZ, CAFR, CA, US, MC, _US, Verbo) Booking sources on Guesty.
  8. Pre check and Guest Portal links now behave the same for Hosts and Guests.
  9. Make Booking Details - Guest Info and contacts not mandatory.
  10. Several important bug fixes, performance and quality enhancement changes.


  • E Rental Lock system
  • Octorate,
  • Guesty Partner API
Feature update

Release Notes: September 21, 2023

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Shared by Kris β€’ January 12, 2024

Feature Updates

  1. Clients can now search Bookings by confirmation code. This is very important especially for Guesty clients who primarily use Confirmation Code on guesty to search for bookings.
  2. Give clients with no PMS connection ability to change subscription plans.
  3. Elavon Converge Pay Integration.
  4. Ability to Mark Additional Charges on a Booking as Paid.
  5. Added new translations on Guest Portal.
  6. Ability to view documents on Bookings listing page.
  7. Stop SD and Payment method required emails when PMS is disconnected.
  8. Fixed issues with Shift4. Now clients are successfully processing charges on Shift4.
  9. Bug fixes


  • Lodgify,
  • Octorate,
  • Guesty Partner API
New feature

Automatically import door codes from Smoobu PMS

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Shared by Kris β€’ January 04, 2024

Hi there,

We're excited to share that ChargeAutomaiton can now automatically pull access code from Smoobu.
Make access code visible to guest in the guidebook once certain conditions have been met (example: once reservation or security deposit is paid, x hours before check-in, ID is verified...etc)

How to enable this new feature?

Streamline check-ins, maximize upsells, elevate every stay

Thank you for choosing ChargeAutomation. We're committed to continually improving and providing you with the best possible experience.

Best Regards,
Marketing & Communications Team